Let's create the world's
largest 3D printed sculpture!


A collaborative sculpture concept by

Jeff de Boer · July 2013

The distance between art and technology is beginning to not just close; it is beginning to merge.

“Linked” will be the world’s first collaborative 3D sculpture, created by makers and hobbyists across the world. 3D printing is bringing open-source creativity to the physical world, and that's why we're making "Linked" - it's a celebration of the new-found power of the community.

We're putting "Linked" on display for the first time at Beakerhead, a festival of art and engineering in Calgary, Alberta, on September 14th.

How It Works

Sign up and personalize your links

Print them out, and ship them to us

We'll assemble "Linked" at Beakerhead, in Calgary, Alberta, on September 14th.

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