the world’s 3D printed sculpture!

The distance between art and technology is beginning to not just close; it is beginning to merge.

“Linked” is the world’s first collaborative 3D sculpture, created by makers and hobbyists across the world. 3D printing is bringing open-source creativity to the physical world, and that’s why we’re making “Linked” – it’s a celebration of the new-found power of the community.

We put “Linked” on display for the first time at Beakerhead, a festival of art and engineering in Calgary, Canada, on September 14th, 2013. Now we’re expanding the sculpture for an all-new exhibition on December 18th, 2014, in Edmonton, Canada.

What We’re Making

“Linked” was first displayed at the Calgary Mini Maker Faire and Beakerhead in 2013. We were covered in the press and a book:

Crowdsourced, 3D-Printed Sculptures Are the Knitting Circles of the Future

A Canadian multimedia artist and a 3D printing startup have teamed up on a tech-meets-art project that’s never been tried before, and it’s got plenty of 21st century technology buzzwords to prove it.

3D Printing for Dummies in Artistic Sculpture

It was extraordinary to see the full sculpture on public display, and has been a great deal of fun as we write this book to inspire other uses of 3D Printing! I look forward to what 3D printing will provide in the years ahead.

Check out the photos on our Flickr account!

How It Works

1. Sign up and personalize your links

2. Print them out, and ship them to us

3. We’ll assemble and unveil “Linked” in Edmonton, Canada, on December 18th