Why Does My 3D Printer Stop Mid Print? (SOLVED)

Why does my 3D printer stop mid-print?

It could be a problem with your printing filament. Here are some signs to watch for while working with a 3D printer filament.

Filament Problems

When your extruder breaks before you can finish a 3D print, you must first evaluate the condition of your filament.
When your extruder breaks before you can finish a 3D print, you must first evaluate the condition of your filament.

When your 3D printer’s extruder breaks before you finish a print, you should first assess the condition of your filament.

For example, the filament will break if you store or handle it incorrectly.

If you’re printing with damaged filaments, you may run into difficulties like your printer stopping in the middle of the print.

Try pulling the filament in your printer’s nozzle.

If it comes off at the end without much effort, there may be a problem.

In this case, remove the entire filled bunch and replace it with fresh filament before starting another 3D printing project. 

make Sure You Store it Correctly

To avoid issues with your filament, make sure the filament is correctly stored.

A controlled light and humidity environment is ideal. You’ll want to keep it away from dampness and at room temperature.

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Insufficient Filament

When your print speed is fast, you’ll extrude additional filament, and if you keep extruding high volumes of filament, you’ll need to replace it regularly.

Check to see whether your 3D printer is shutting down mid-print because of a lack of filament.

How to Avoid Running Out of Filament During Printing

You can calculate how much filament you need by looking at the duration of the project
Calculate how long your print will take and the amount of filament you need for a successful print before jumping into the project.

Most 3D printers have indicators that will alert you when the filament is running low.

Make sure you have these alerts turned on so you can avoid running out of filament mid-print.

You can also avoid excessive extrusion by lowering the layer height of your projects.

Clogged 3D Printer Nozzle

People who print a lot of 3D objects usually use multiple types of filaments.

If you’re one of those, your 3D printer may stop mid-print from a clogged nozzle.

It’s a good idea to clean your 3D printer nozzle before switching filament types.

How To Unclog a 3D Printer Nozzle

One way to unclog a 3D printer nozzle is to use a needle.

Follow these steps to unclog your nozzle:

  • Heat the nozzle to the filament’s melting point.
  • Take care not to burn yourself by touching the heated nozzle.
  • Push the needle through the nozzle to remove the clog. 

Repeat as necessary to remove the clog.

Or, watch this video:


Complex designs can lead to your printer overheating
When a 3D printer overheats, it’s important to turn it off and let it cool down.

If your printer gets too hot, it may stop printing mid-print.

The first thing you should do is turn off the power if this occurs. This will give the extruder time to cool down.

A cooling fan is a good way to avoid overheating.

When the temperature rises too high, a cooling fan will turn on automatically and cool down the printer.

To prevent overheating, try creating more basic or smaller designs.

Complicated designs make your printer work harder, which can lead to overheating, and stopping mid-print.