How to Remove Liquid Chalk? Know Easy Methods

How to Remove Liquid Chalk

So, you have been trying to clean liquid chalk from your chalkboard, but have no idea how to remove all that liquid chalk?

At first sight, liquid chalk might not seem too hard to remove, but depending on how good the liquid chalk you used is, you might find yourself in a rather complicated situation.

Some methods to clean your chalkboard are quite easy to follow along, but some of them are quite dangerous as they could damage your chalkboard.

So, throughout this article, we will be going through the most powerful methods on how to remove liquid chalk like it is a piece of cake.

Easy Methods to Remove Liquid Chalk

Liquid chalks are often quite difficult to erase. Perhaps, you’ve somehow managed to remove some of it, but there are some outlines left after you finish cleaning the chalkboard.

Although this might not seem like an issue for some people, it can be quite frustrating to see those outlines still there. And objectively speaking, it just looks off.

To prevent that from happening, we’ll be going through a couple of simple yet powerful methods to fully erase those outlines.

Things You’ll Need

necessary things to Remove Liquid Chalk

These tools are safe to use and do not damage your chalkboard as other methods usually do. The best part about these tools is that they are easy to get, and most people have them on hand.

  • Bleach to clean the chalkboard
  • A sponge
  • A paper towel to wipe the chalkboard

Dampen the Sponge

Dampen the Sponge

One of the easiest ways to erase liquid chalk from a chalkboard is to use a sponge. Now, you don’t have to use the scrubby part. Instead, use the soft part.

This is so you don’t ruin your chalkboard. So be careful here.

The next step is to wet the sponge. Once you have done that, you want to go over the writing and rub the sponge back and forth.

You must be gentle when doing so, as you don’t want to damage your chalkboard.

The whole purpose here is to cover the entire chalkboard so that it gets soft later on. Doing so will make removing the writing a lot easier.

Use Bleach

Use Bleach

Many people might be turned off by the idea of using bleach to remove liquid chalks. However, this is a great and powerful method to remove chalks. Especially if you are trying to erase colored chalks.

Here is how to remove liquid chalk! You just have to sprinkle bleach all over the board until you have fully covered the unwanted area. The bleach is only acting as an exfoliant to get the chalk off the chalkboard.

Erase the Area

Erase the Area

Now that you have adequately covered the unwanted area. It is time to wet your sponge. Make sure it is wet but not dripping wet.

Go ahead and grab the sponge and rub it back and forth on the undesired area. Depending on how long the chalk has been there, you might need to scrub twice.

As you rub the sponge against the surface, you should start to see how the chalk comes off. If needed, add some pressure. It does not damage the chalkboard, so no need to worry.

Clean with the Sponge

Clean with the Sponge

After you have used the sponge, you need to rinse it out after all the bleach it has picked up. Make sure there isn’t any lather left on the sponge before moving onto the next step.

Once again, use your sponge and wipe out anything left on the surface to see if you need to scrub anywhere else.

If so, go over the surface again and make sure not to leave anything behind.

Clean with a Towel

Clean with a Towel

Now you just need to grab a paper towel and clean all the leftovers. You want to go over the surface back and forth until there isn’t anything left.

After that, get a dry paper towel to dry off the surface. Now you just need to wait until it has thoroughly dried. And with that, your chalkboard will be cleaned off.

Now you can safely remove liquid chalk and write as much as you want on your chalkboard without having to worry about not being able to remove it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chalkboard faq

In this section, you can find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding liquid chalk. You might find them useful if you have a question that was not covered throughout this article.

Are liquid chalk markers erasable?

Yes, they can be easily removed without causing too much mess. You simply need to wet your sponge and sprinkle bleach all over the undesired area.

Can you use liquid chalk on a regular chalkboard?

It is quite easy to use liquid chalk on a regular chalkboard, and it is also easy to clean up. In most cases, you simply need to dampen a rag and wipe away any marking.

Is liquid chalk permanent?

Liquid chalk is not permanent. It can be safely removed with the right tools. For the most part, using bleach should be more than enough to remove any liquid chalk that has been sitting around for a while.

Can liquid chalk be used on windows?

Yes, liquid chalk can be used on windows just like you would typically do on a chalkboard. On top of that, it is quite simple to remove liquid chalk from your windows.

What are liquid chalk markers used for?

Liquid chalk is mainly used on non-porous surfaces. These are smooth surfaces such as glass, plastics, metals, and even varnished wood.

Final Words

As you can see, cleaning liquid chalk is quite simple, and for the most part, it does not take much time. The best way to learn how to remove liquid chalk is to start off with bleach.

Bleach is a powerful and efficient material to help you achieve those results you want. It comes in handy when liquid chalk has been sitting around for a very long time.

Those types of chalk are quite hard to remove with more casual methods. But with bleach, it can be easily removed in just a matter of minutes.