How to Keep Printer Ink from Drying Out? Quick Guide!

How to Keep Printer Ink from Drying Out?

So, that old cartridge that’s been sitting around for a very long time has finally dried out?

Ink cartridges tend to dry out when they are overly exposed to high and low temperatures.

Obviously, that creates problems. Now, you have to go outside and get new cartridges.

Although this doesn’t happen often, it is kind of annoying having to go out just to get new cartridges for your printer.

Luckily for us, there are some cool methods to prevent this from ever happening again.

So, to help out in your journey, we have made a list of ways on how to keep printer ink from drying out securely and reliably.

What Causes Ink to Dry out?

Ink is bound to dry out at some point. Especially if it has been around for quite some time now. One of the main reasons that cause the ink to dry out is due to unusual use.

If you leave it around without using it for a very long time, chances are your ink will dry out.

Another reason that may cause this is the temperature. Extremely high or low temperatures will quickly dry out your ink.

How to Save Ink Cartridges from Drying Out

How to Save Ink Cartridges from Drying Out

You have probably come across this issue several times. Especially if you leave them exposed to high or low temperatures.

But thankfully, there are plenty of methods out there to prevent your ink from drying out again.

So, here are the most popular and reliable ways you can find to prevent your ink from drying out again:

Adjust Temperature

One of the main reasons your ink dries out is because of the temperature. You would be surprised by how quickly it happens.

This tends to happen when they are heavily exposed to high or low temperatures. So, a great way to stop that from happening is to set the temperature to at least 68-degrees Fahrenheit.

This is so you can extend the lifespan of your ink. We also recommend running a humidifier near your printer.

The humidifier is quite helpful when the air feels dry. What it mostly does is that it adds some moisture to the atmosphere to keep your ink from drying out.

Turn It Off

One of the best ways to keep your ink fresh for a long time is to turn off your printer when you are not using it. Some new models have all the print heads in a place where they’re always safe enough.

It mostly protects the print heads from drying out. However, you have to make sure you actually press the off button. Otherwise, the print heads will stay where they are.

Store Them Safely

Store printer ink Safely

What are some of the easiest ways to learn how to keep printer ink cartridges from drying out? If you are not going to use your cartridges for a while, you must take them out and store them outside. This is a great way to make sure your ink does not dry out.

Leaving it inside will only cause your ink to dry out in a short amount of time. So, the best way to protect it is to take the ink out and store it somewhere outside the printer.

Once you have removed the cartridges, you want to place them in a cool and dry area. You must also make sure that they are upright.

And just like before, you should store them somewhere where the temperature does not fluctuate as much. The best way to make sure that it does not happen is to set the temperature to at least 60-degrees Fahrenheit.

Damp the Cartridge

As weird as it sounds, moistening can potentially extend your cartridge’s lifespan. This comes in handy when you barely use them but still want to keep them from drying out.

You simply have to remove the cartridges from your printer. After that, grab a towel or anything you could use to clean the cartridges.

The best way to do so is to grab a towel. Once you have chosen your towel, go ahead and dampen it. The whole purpose of this is to carefully wipe the top of your cartridge to remove any residual ink.

And finally, make sure to dry the cartridges before you put them back in. This is just going to ensure that the cartridges can safely keep up a constant flow of ink when printing.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Down below, you can find some of the most frequently asked questions about ink cartridges.

Does printer ink dry out if not used?

Ink cartridges do dry out if not used frequently. To prevent this from happening, you have to store them in a dry environment. Inside your printer they will eventually dry out if not used.

How fast does an ink cartridge dry up?

Leaving your ink cartridges inside your printer without using them will dry them out. This usually takes about 3-4 weeks before they begin to dry up.

How can I make my printer ink last longer?

One of the easiest ways to extend your printer’s ink life is to properly store them somewhere dry. This will make your printer ink more durable and will not dry out as easy.

Why is my printer ink drying out?

There are many reasons as to why your ink is drying out. One of them could be the lack of use. Printer inks will eventually dry out if not used.

Is it easy to refill ink cartridges?

Refilling ink cartridges is quite easy. However, it can’t always be refilled. If your ink has dried out, trying to refill it will do absolutely nothing.

Final Words

Throughout this article, we have covered the most common methods on how to keep printer ink from drying out.

Thus far, we have learned that the best method to keep your ink from drying out is to store them somewhere dry.

Leaving them outside will only cause the ink to dry out quickly. You can also try to use them more frequently.

But if you have no use for them, the best thing you can do is to remove them from your printer and store them. Set the temperature to 60-degrees Fahrenheit, and your ink will last for a long time.

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