The fastest way to 3D print

PrintToPeer Managed 3D Print Services (M3PS) brings first-class automation and networking to your fleet of 3D printers.

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1. Start a Print

Upload a 3D object file to get started. We'll handle the mesh repair, slicing, and file transfer automatically.

2. Monitor your Printers

Watch your printers, in realtime, from any Internet-enabled device. Get notified when prints complete.

3. Track your Usage

See everything your organization prints. Track duration, material use, and actual cost. Save time and money.

Advantages of PrintToPeer

Unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing in your organization.

Total Automation

PrintToPeer brings industrial-grade automation to your entire process, from CAD software to finished object. It's the foundation of everything we do.

Business Intelligence

We provide unprecidented realtime insight into how your organization uses additive manufacturing. Track demand, monitor expenditures, and more.

Operational Efficiency

Maximize throughput by coordinating 3D printers and teams, minimize lead time by automating job preparation, and slash turn-around times with instant notifications.

Cost Recovery

Track your printer and material usage. Calculate realtime expenditures by print, project, team, and business unit. See the data you need to manage and recover your costs.

How We Can Help

Unlock the full potential of your organization's 3D printers with PrintToPeer, the premiere M3PS platform.

For Education

Attract top students and staff with 3D printing facilities.

Establish a learning commons for cross-curricular objectives.

Create opportunities for industry collaboration.

For Business

Accelerate your rapid prototyping activities.

Accelerate your organization's innovation and creativity.

Scale your in-house production facilities as you grow.