Best Paper Folding Machine Reviews- Top 10 Picks For 2021

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Paper Folding Machine Review

Whether you’re someone who’s just working on a paper folding project in his school or you need it for your business, you need to make sure you’ve got the best paper folding machine.

Why the best you may ask. Let’s face it. You’ll have a hard time if you have all those papers getting clogged up inside the machine and this is a common scenario now a days. The next thing you know, you’ll have to fight with your machine.

Don’t worry mate. We’ll make sure you don’t break your bank and end up getting a low-end junk. Let us take you to a tour on the top 10 picks we’ve chose for you.



Editor's Rating


Martin Yale P7200

5 out of 5

Martin Yale P6200

5 out of 5

Sparco Tabletop Folding

4.5 out of 5

Pitney Bowes DF100

4 out of 5

Martin Yale 1611

4.5 out of 5

Best Paper Folding Machine Review 2021

After lots of research, we’ve selected the following items for you. Give the reviews a read. Who knows? You might be able to find the paper folder you’ve always been craving for.

1. Martin Yale P7200 Automatic Paper Folder

At the very first of our paper folding machine reviews, we’ve got the P7200 from Martin Yale. This full-functional beast deserves to be in the first place and that too for obvious reasons. Let’s see what it has to offer.

When’s the last time did you see a paper folder that can fold stapled papers? Well, the P7200 does that job like a pro. Plus, you can give 3 papers at a time to fold and Whoosh! They’re ready to be served.

And guess what? You can fold in 4 possible ways. There’s the half fold, the double parallel, there’s also the Z-fold and the letter fold. Just go for the type according to the size of the paper.

Once you’re ready for the game, it’s automatic. You don’t need to use your hands for a bit. Thanks to its ultimate speed, you can get up to 4000 sheets per hour.  As for the feeding tray, it can hold as much as 50 sheets. Cool, right?

The best part? It’s pretty lightweight and compact. So you won’t face a hard time carrying it and the machine won’t eat much of the space of your tabletop.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can fold 3 papers at a time including stapled papers.
  • There are 4 different folding types to choose from.
  • The operation is completely automated.
  • You can get 4000 sheets per hour.
  • The feeding tray can hold up to 50 sheets.
  • It’s pretty light in weight and compact in shape.

2. Martin Yale P6200

So you’ve liked the P7200 from Martin Yale and it was totally fine. However, you want to go for a different model of the same brand. Well, here’s the P6200 for you to get your paper folding jobs done like magic.

Unlike the P7200, this one can do the letter folds. However, it can fold 30 letters in a minute. Meaning you’re getting 1800 sheets in every hour.  Besides, you’ll love the whole process.

As it folds the letter, the machine keeps ¼ inches gap on the letter’s top. For which, when someone receives the letter, he can unfold it easily. When it comes to the operation, you don’t need to use your hands even for a bit.

All you need to do is drop the sheet into its folder and the sheet will be folded within seconds.  Yep, it’s that fast.  Besides, let it be stapled papers or the non-stapled ones, our little friend here can fold both.

As for its size and shape, it’s compact and light in weight. Unlike the mainstreams, you’ll find it pretty easy to carry and the folding machine won’t eat much of the space of your tabletop. The best part? It’s really on the affordable side.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can fold up to 1800 sheets in every hour.
  • Keeps ¼ inches gap on the top of the letters for the receiver’s ease.
  • The operation is completely automated.
  • It can fold both stapled and non-stapled papers.
  • The size and shape is pretty compact.
  • The machine is light in weight and eas.

3. Sparco Tabletop Folding Machine

Still, searching for the best folding machines? You can check out the folder machine from Sparco. It has got everything to be on your priority list. Let’s take you on a tour of its features.

One of the most important reasons we’re suggesting this folding machine to you is because it doesn’t get jammed pretty often. Now that’s a bummer killer, isn’t it? Just drop your sheet on its top and you’ll see how easily the sheets get folded.

Unlike the typical ones in the market, the tabletop paper folder machine from Sparco comes with paper a paper guide. This will help you to load the papers with ultimate accuracy. Besides, if you want to go for a manual guide, you can do that as well.

As for its capacity, you can fold up to 5 pages together in every minute and there’s no way you’ll mess that up.

Besides, there’s no need for you to manual. Enjoy the full automated process while your job is to align the papers. Here’s what you’ll love though. Do you see the guide? It’s properly measured. So, you won’t need to adjust it.  Just shove the sheets in the machine and Voila!

Highlighted Features:

  • The folding machine doesn’t get jammed often.
  • The paper guide makes sure you can load papers with accuracy.
  • You can fold up to 5 pages all together.
  • The process is fully automated, so you don’t need to go manual.
  • The guide is properly measured, so you don’t need to adjust the paper.
  • It’s a lightweight machine with a compact shape.

4. Pitney Bowes DF100 Letter Folder Machine

When you say ‘letter folder, you can’t ignore the name, Pitney Bowes. It’s one of the most reputed brands you’ll find in the market and they’re still making high-end machines that can fold your letters like a boss. This time we bring to you the DF100 from the giant. Let’s see if it has got everything that’s worth your money.

The DF100 is basically manufactured by Martine Yale. However, unlike the other ones that come with a stainless steel plate on their bottoms, the DF100 comes with Galvanized Metal Plate.

As a result, it shows off the durability you’ve been craving for a long time. It doesn’t matter what tough of a beating the machine goes through.

Since it’s a desktop folding machine, you can use it for small businesses, home offices, and small jobs. Speaking of small; as soon as you look at it, you’ll have the word ‘cute’ pop inside your head. Yep, it’s that compact.

Besides, the operation is pretty easy, even a child can do it like a pro. Just insert the papers and the machine will do the rest all by itself.  You can get up to 30 letters in a minute. We’re talking about 1800 sheets per hour.

To our surprise, the letter folder machine can fold stapled papers as well. Cool, eh?  As for its weight, it’s no more than 9.5 pounds. We don’t think it would much of a drag for you to carry it. It may not be the best letter folding machine, but it surely is one of the bests.

Highlighted Features:

  • Galvanized Metal Plate gives ultimate durability to the machine.
  • Suitable for small business, home offices and small jobs.
  • Comes with a compact shape.
  • Gives you easy and fully automated operation.
  • You can fold up to 1800 sheets per hour.
  • The weight of the folder machine is only 9.5 pounds.

5. Martin Yale 1611 Paper Fold Machine

Martin Yale, we can’t stop talking about this brand because it’s that good. You’ve checked two models from this brand and it’s time to introduce to you 1611, which will make your life easy-peasy.

The brand has made an improvement in its feed system. You’ll find the fold tables a snap since they’re pretty easy to use and on top of that, they’re removable as well.

The paper fold machine has got rollers that you can access from any angle you like. No, there’s no need for you to adjust the papers. Thanks to the self-adjusting system, you can just drop the papers in and see how they easily get folded within a blink.

‘Within a blink’? Yep, it’s that fast.

And guess what? The operation is super silent. Unlike the mainstream, you won’t have to experience any unwanted noise or anything. On top of that, it won’t be much of an issue if you have got sheets larger than usual. As we said, it comes with a self-adjusting retarder. This will take care of everything.

As for the durability, it hit the mark.  The machine itself is made of heavy-duty material and shows off the sturdiness to withstand all the beatings. The fold plates, on the other hand, are super thick which gives them ultimate durability.

The best part? You won’t be needing any fanning. For which, there’s no way you’ll experience any paper jams anytime soon.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with an improved feed system.
  • The fold tables can be removed pretty easily.
  • You can get access to the rollers from any angle.
  • Its self-adjusting system allows you to drop the sheets easily.
  • Made of heavy-duty material, so it’s super sturdy.
  • There’s no need for fanning for the operation to be done.

6. MBM 98M Manual Tabletop Paper Folder Machine

Manual Tabletop Paper Folder

You must’ve heard about MBM, a brand that has gained its reputation for producing tabletop paper folders. The 98M has received a lot of applause and now you’re about to find why.

The most appreciated feature of this little champ right here is its programmable counter. What makes it stand out is the fact that the whole operation basically follows a total function along with a programmable batch.

As for the papers, if they’re small as 20 square inches or large as 119 square inches with the weight range between 16 to 80 lbs. If you want to store the papers or place them somewhere safe, you can use the stacking tray the paper folder comes with. On the other hand, if you want to go for pre-feeding, the feed tray will come pretty handy.

When it comes to folding the papers, you can use a pre-defined selector knob. Just get to know the correct folding measurements and press the knobs, the machine will fold the papers within a snap.

To make sure you can read all the buttons and easily operate the machine, the color-coded marks on the fold plate will come pretty handy. So, no worries if you’re a beginner here.

As far as the intake of sheets is being concerned, you can go for 100 or more sheets if you want.

Highlighted Features:

  • The programmable counter join hands with automated batch to make your job easier.
  • Compatible to paper that is as small as 20 square inches and large as 119 square inches.
  • Comes with a stacking tray and feed tray for your convenience.
  • Shows off pre-defined selector knobs for folding the papers.
  • The color-coded marks will help you to read the buttons without a hard time.
  • Can intake more than 100 sheets.

7. Martin Yale 1217A Medium Duty Auto Folder

You’d be wrong if you think Martin Yale has bribed us for promoting their products. Trust us on this. You want the ideal folding machines and here we have to be honest about the review. And it won’t be justice if we didn’t talk about the 1217 A from Martin Yale

When we talk about 1217A, we’re talking about ‘no hands’ from you. You’re getting a fully-automated feeding system. You’ll spill the wow from your mouth when you’ll find the modes it comes with.

Speaking of the devil, it can fold in 6 different modes. There’s the basic letter fold, the half fold, z-fold, Baronial, French and not to mention, the double parallel folds. Yep, you’re getting all these in one set.

If you go through the manual bypass system, you’ll be able to feed 1 to 3 sheets that come with the weight range between 16 to 133 lbs. We bet you didn’t see that coming.

On top of that, it doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with stapled papers or non-stapled one, you can still go for the fold with ease. As for the durability, the machine shows off a sturdy body, yet it’s light in weight. The compact shape is another great plus if you have a small table.

Highlighted Features:

  • You’ll experience fully-automated operation and feeding system.
  • Comes with 6 different folding modes to choose from.
  • Thanks to the manual bypass system, you’ll be able to feed 1 to 3 sheets.
  • Can hold sheets with a weight range between 16 to 133 lbs.
  • You can fold both stapled and non-stapled papers.
  • Shows off a sturdy and durable aesthetic.
  • The machine is light in weight and compact in shape.

8. Duplo DF755 Manual Paper Folder

Tired of automatic letter folders? You can go for something manual yet comfortable to work with. Speaking of the DF755 from Duplo. This amazing beast right here will fold your papers just the way you want it to be.

When the typical paper folders can fold a disappointing number of sheets per minute, this little boy right here turns the table. You can fold up to 120 sheets per minute.  That’s as much as 7200 sheets per hour. Impressive, right? That’s the beauty of going manual.

Don’t think even for a bit that just because it’s a manual paper folder, it’s rocket science to use it. Not at all. The two knobs are there to give you a very fine tune adjustment and you’ll find them easy-peasy to work with.

Besides, not just letters though. Billing statement, brochure, flyer, you name it, with this brochure folder machine you can fold everything easily in a simpler way.

To make it easier for you, the makers have included two easy-to-follow charts with the machine. These charts will let you know how you can position the folders easily.

If you somehow get some papers that come with a non-standard size, you can still fix it and make some minor adjustments with the knobs it comes with. Besides, it’s possible to make custom folds as well.

Once the paper gets out of the machine, you can use the feed tray to keep as much as 500 sheets. Thanks to the 4-digit LCD counter that keeps all the counts accurately.  Overall, this one right here is the perfect pick for you if you’re planning big business.

Highlighted Features:

  • The machine can fold as much as 7200 sheets per hour.
  • There are two knobs to give you fine adjustments.
  • You can fold the letter, billing statement, brochure, flyer, etc.
  • There are two easy to follow charts to guide you to work with the machine.
  • You can make minor adjustments to non-standard sized papers.
  • 4 digital LCD counter keeps all the count of the papers for you.
  • The feed stray can keep as much as 500 sheets.

9. United F100 Automatic Paper Folding Machine

Here’s another brand worth mentioning. Speaking United, a brand for those who want to go for affordable and simple looking paper folding machines. The F100 is making it big in the market right now and you’re getting all the convenience in the world.  It’s an ideal machine for low-volume projects.

When you talk about small-sized folding machines, you always think of low-capacity. At least that’s what you get from the mainstream. However, the F100 changes the game here. It can load up to 156 sheets in every minute.  That’s 9360 sheets in every hour.

As long as your paper is having a size range from 11 inches to 14 inches, you’re good to go. However, the best part is, you’re getting 4 different fold settings to choose from.

Let’s not forget about the LCD control panel though. It comes with a 3-digit setting, that will keep all the counts of the sheet. You can also reset the setting at your convenience.

When it comes to durability, you don’t need to say ‘Pftt!’ just because the machine is a small-sized and compact one. It can withstand all the toughest abuses for years to come. Thanks to its shape, you can keep it on your tabletop even if it has a bit of space issue.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can load up to 156 sheets every minute.
  • Compatible with papers that about 11 inches to 14 inches in length.
  • LCD control panel keeps the count for sheets.
  • The machine is light in weight and compact in shape.
  • Comes with enhanced durability and sturdiness.

10. Dynafold DE42FC Document Folder Machine

We’re going to wrap up the paper folding machine review section with the Dynafold DE42FC. It’s a commercial-grade folding machine that has touched the hearts of thousands if not millions. Why it stands out compared to the typical junks? That’s what we’re about to tell you.

This paper folding machine comes with a jam detection system. Meaning, if somehow the papers get jammed inside it, you’ll get the notification right away. You’ll also find some other sensors as well like the Eject Sensor.

The most innovative part is the speed control system it comes with. Unlike others, you can control the speed of the machine according to your needs. However, at full speed, you can load up to an impressive 500 sheets at once.

The fact that you won’t be needing any fanning paper is a cherry on top of course.  It’s because this model from Dynafold is completely self-adjusting when it comes to adjusting the thickness of papers.

Besides, the makers have made some improvements in its feeding systems as well to keep the performance at its peak.

Even though you’re not getting any digital control panel with it, you can find the push button pretty handy. Just press it and the machine will start folding your papers for you. As for delivering papers, you can get about 9000 papers within an hour.

Highlighted Features:

  • Commercial grade folding machine for commercial use.
  • Comes with an auto jam detection system and eject sensor.
  • You can control the speed according to your needs.
  • Loads up to 500 sheets at once.
  • There’s no need for fanning papers.
  • The self-adjusting system can adjust the papers automatically.
  • Easy push-to-start button to work with.
  • Can deliver up to 9000 papers in an hour.

Comparison Table Of Top 10 Letter Folding Machine

If you’re on a rush and you don’t have much of a time to read the reviews, you can find the major differences of paper folding machines in the table below.

Product Name




Martin Yale P7200




Martin Yale P6200




Sparco Tabletop Folding Machine




Pitney Bowes DF100




Martin Yale 1611








Martin Yale 1217A




Duplo DF-755




United F100




Dynafold DE42FC




Paper Folding Machine Buying Guide

Paper Folding Machine Buying Guide

Simply deciding to buy a paper folding machine and having the money to buy it won’t do you any good. You have to make sure you know about what features you need to look for before making a purchase. If you don’t, there’s a huge chance of you getting the wrong product. To make sure that doesn’t happen, here are the things you need to consider before purchasing a paper folding machine.


The more the folding modes or shall we say option, the better. You’ll find paper folding machines that can make only letter folds. Others can go for z folds, French folds, Baronial, double parallel, tri fold machine etc. So, if you can, you should go for the one that comes with multiple modes to choose from.

See the Paper Size and Weight It’s Compatible With

If the paper folding machine you buy cannot get compatible with the size and weight of the papers it’s about to fold, it will be a bummer. The next thing you’ll know, you’ll get the papers getting clogged inside.

This is why you should see what size and weight the folding machine is compatible with. If you think it supports pretty enough for you, you can go for it. Here’s something as a bonus though. There are few folding papers available, that can deal with papers even if they don’t come with standard sizes. If you can get your hands on such machines, that’s a cherry on top.

See If It’s Self-Adjusting

Adjusting your papers all by yourself can give you a hard time. This is what happens when you go manual. That’s why we always prefer automated machines in the first place.

You should get your hands on a folding machine that comes with self-adjusting features. That way, you won’t have any problem getting the perfect fold. Not to mention, there are some MANUAL folding machines you’ll find that comes with a self-adjusting system even though the whole process is not automated.

Load Capacity

The more sheets you can load, the better. With a paper folding machine that has got a good load capacity, you don’t need to load the papers now and then all by itself.

Go for the machine that allows you to load at least 500 sheets at once. This will make your work easier and you won’t need to waste much of a time.


We detect the speed by the number of sheets the machine delivers us. This is why you should go for a paper folding machine that delivers a good number of sheets per minute or per hour.  The best paper folders always tend to deliver about 9000 sheets per hour. You can go for less for low-volume projects.

Top 3 Folding Machine Brands On the Market

Martin Yale

You probably had a hunch that we’re going to talk about Martin Yale at first, right? Well, you’re right/ Martin Yale industries have been making top-notch paper folding machines since the 40s and they’ve kept up with the demand of today as well. If you want a trusted name with pure brand loyalty, we’d suggest you go for Martin Yale with your eyes closed.


Sparco is a name when you need something good that comes at an affordable cost. This brand has been producing paper folding machines and library essentials for ages and they’re widely known for making compact shaped machines for which no one needs to break their piggy bank.

Pitney Bowes

It’s an American company that has been in the leading position for years now.  They’ve gained their reputation for providing mailing services and equipment. And guess who’s the founder? It’s Arthur Pitney…..THE ARTHUR PITNEY who was the inventor of the postage meter that you can get commercially.

This brand joins hand with Martin Yale sometimes to produce the best paper folding machines from time to time.

What are the benefits of using paper folding machines?

So you might be wondering why would you use a paper folding machine anyway. Well, here are some noticeable benefits.

Less Time, Better Productivity

If you fold the papers manually, it will take a lot of time. This means you can say goodbye to productivity. If you use a paper folding machine, you can fold your papers within a less amount of time. As a result, you’ll be able to save your energy as well while you become more productive.

Excellent Quality

For seamless design, paper folding machines can back you up. If you fold your paper all by your hand, you can see mistakes. However, since the machine’s only job is to fold paper, it can deal with it neatly.

Saving Money

It’s true that some paper folding machines can cost you a fortune. However, you can still get the affordable ones and at least they’ll cost you less amount of money than you spend on the people you hire for the job. Imagine paying a lot of money to five people. You can do it all by yourself with one single paper folding machine.

People Also Asked( FAQs)

1. How can I make a double parallel fold?

Answer: To do this, first you’ll have to fold the paper in half. Once you’re done, you got to fold it in half again and make sure you do this in the same direction. If you want the paper to line up the way exactly you want, you’ll have to make sure the two inside sections are a bit thinner than the rest of the two.

2. How does a paper folding machine work?

Answer: A paper folding machine isn’t much of a complicated thing to use. It has got 2 folding plates, a small motor, wheels that move the paper and some rollers.Though the mechanism of one folding machine can be different than the other, but here’s how most of them work.

  • The machine has got wheels. It will use them in order to draw the paper in.
  • Next, the first plate of the paper folding machine pulls your paper back and forth. It keeps doing the process until the paper reaches the 2nd folding plate.
  • Once this is over, the rubber starts to roll while creating fine folds on the paper
  • Finally, the paper folding machine delivers you the paper and the folded paper lands on the tray.


That was everything about the best paper folding machine. If you’ve gone through the reviews and kept notes about the features, we’re pretty sure you’ve chosen your pick. And that’s what matters. We’ve picked the bests of the bests while there are thousands of different items in the market right now.

If you want, you can ask your friends or neighbors who have experience on folding machines. We’re sure that they’ll be positive about our choice. However, if you’re already convinced about our picks, we say what are you waiting for? It’s time to fold your papers like professionals and you’ll find it a piece of a cake.

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