How Long Can You Pause a 3D Print Without Affecting Quality?

How long can you pause a 3D print? Does pausing a print affect the quality of the finished product?

You can likely pause your prints between 12 and 24 hours without affecting quality. However, any longer could lead to issues such as warping and nozzle jams.

We’ll cover more about how long you can press pause, how pausing affects the finished product, and techniques you can use to pause a print without compromising its quality.

How Long Can You Pause a 3D Printer?

You can pause the 3D printer for a set amount of time.
You can pause the 3D printer for a set amount of time.

When using a 3D printer, you may need to pause the process for a short or long period.

How long you can pause a 3D printer depends on the model of your printer and what materials you are using.

For example, if you have a MakerBot Replicator+ and are printing with PLA, the official answer is that you can pause your print for up to 24 hours without any adverse effects.

However, if you’re using ABS filament, the maximum time you should pause your print is 12 hours.

However, it’s generally advisable not to pause your printer for too long. When your printer is paused and not actively printing, it starts to cool down.

Over time, and with repeated use, this cooling process can cause common 3D printing problems with your printer’s performance or even permanent damage.

If you need to put it on pause for more than a few minutes at a time, be sure to keep an eye on things afterward so you can address any issues that may arise quickly.

With proper care and attention, your 3D printer will continue performing at its best for years to come!

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Why Pause a 3D Printer?

It is recommended pausing the printing process rather than stopping it entirely for safety reasons.
For safety reasons, it is recommended to pause the printing process rather than stop it entirely.

There are several reasons why you might need to pause a print in progress and it’s essential to know how pausing a print can affect your final product.

If you’re printing multiple colors, you’ll need to pause the print to change the filament color, so you can unload the old filament and reload the new filament.

Another reason why you might need to pause a print is to add support.

Supports are necessary for prints with overhangs or areas that are not well-supported by the rest of the model. 

Without support, these areas of your model can collapse during printing, resulting in an unusable product.

To add support, you’ll need to pause your print and use support-adding 3D printing softwares to generate those supports.

Once the supports are added, you can safely resume your print.

The video below illustrates how to pause a Creality Ender 3D printer and then resume it later:

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How Pausing a Print Affects Quality

Pausing a print can affect the overall quality of your finished product in several ways.

First, if you pause a print for too long, the filament can cool and solidify inside the nozzle, causing clogs and jams that will result in an unusable product.

Second, pausing a print can also cause warping and curling of the filament, leading to poor layer adhesion and weak spots in your model.

Finally, pausing a print can cause the supports to detach from the model prematurely, leading to a model that is not adequately supported, resulting in a poor-quality print.

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Tips for Pausing a Print Without Affecting Quality

If you need to pause your print, it’s essential to keep the filament from cooling and solidifying inside the nozzle. 

You can do this by turning off the printer and letting it sit for a few minutes before resuming the print.

Second, if you’re using supports, it’s essential to ensure they’re correctly attached to the model before pausing the print. 

This will help prevent them from detaching prematurely.

Finally, if you’re printing with multiple colors, unload and reload the filament carefully to avoid color contamination.

Can I Pause an Ender 3 Printer Overnight?

Overnight, a print job can be paused.
Overnight, a print job can be paused.

Yes, you can pause an Ender 3 printer overnight by using the convenient “Pause Print” feature.

This allows you to stop a print in the middle of a job to let it sit until you’re ready to continue, without having to cancel the whole print altogether.

All you have to do is press the pause button on your control box, and it will stop your printer instantly.

REMEMBER: Don’t use the “Stop Print” option, as this will end the print entirely, and you won’t be able to resume it later.

With this handy feature, pausing your Ender 3 printer overnight is quick, easy, and stress-free.

Once you are ready to resume printing in the morning, just hit the start button on your control box, and your print will pick up right where it left off.


In conclusion, it’s possible to pause a print for a short amount of time without negatively impacting the quality of the print.

However, if the print is paused for too long, the model could become deformed and the print quality may suffer.

Therefore, it’s essential to consider how long you need to pause your print before potentially breaking it and needing to restart.