Office Stationery Item: Top 12 Picks for This Year!

Office Stationery

Everyone needs stationery items in their office. Otherwise, getting a job done can be difficult to the point or impossible. Whether it is writing, annotating, or piecing paper together or cutting it – without these items, you won’t be able to do any of that.

That’s why we bring an office stationery items list in this article. We want you to understand which items are essential to have in your office, so you can never miss them.

Next, you’ll have all the items we’re talking about.

12 Office Stationery Items Everyone Needs

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different items you can get for your office. But only a few will indeed be essential. We focus on those.

1. Pens & Pencils

Pencils and Pens

If you have an art workshop or office at home, then you need to have at least one pen and one pencil. A pen will let you annotate things, so they don’t erase away. If you need to write down what someone says, an idea, a number, name, or whatever – you use a pen for that.

Otherwise, you may use a pencil. They’re not only for high-school like everyone thinks, but they’re also helpful for annotating stuff temporarily or without having to use the bright ink of a pen. You will need a sharpener for the pencil though, but it will be worth it because it lasts longer than any pen.

2. Highlighters & Markers

Markers and Highlighters

Did you write something long? How can you highlight something specific on it? Easy – you use a highlighter. You may also use it for newspapers, books, documents, and more. Whatever you need to highlight wherever there’s an enormous paragraph, a highlighter will do the job.

Similarly, you also need to have markers around. They offer a similar experience, but instead of highlighting, you can just write stuff in a thicker font. You may also use it for highlighting, annotating, and more.

3. Erasers


You got the pen, pencils, and markers, but how can you erase them if you wrote something incorrectly or messily? Well, you use an eraser.

There are various types of erasers to go for. Most of them will work only with pencils. So they’re essential to have. But others will also work with pens, so they’re even more helpful. And sure enough, there are also erasers for markers.

You need at least one of each one. Of course, if you don’t have a pen, pencil, or marker – then you don’t need an eraser for it. Otherwise, get one.

4. Stamps & Ink Pads

Ink Pads and Stamps

If you love stamping your art projects, then nothing compares to a stamp set. A rubber stamp alongside an ink pad is the way to go. This way, you can have the custom stamp depending on what you want to mark, but also enough ink to repeat the process until it empties out.

5. White Paper

White Papers

Where will you annotate, write, highlight, mark, or stamp stuff? The most common surface is always the white paper.

Not only they’re useful for noting down ideas and comments or marking stuff, sometimes they’re useful even for stamping documents and the likes. They could just work as an aid for making drafts, coming up with mental maps, and organizing ideas.

A ream or stack of paper is almost essential to have in every art workshop. So don’t miss it.

6. Notepads & Notebooks

Notepads or Notebooks

Other surfaces to note down stuff, write ideas, come up with mental maps, sketch drawings, or simply highlight things are the notepad and the notebook.

A notepad is super practical because of the size. You may find them useful for noting down small things like names, dates, or short comments. Some notepads offer sticky papers, so you can stick ideas/notes in handy places for easy access.

Notebooks are similar to notepads but larger. You can draw things on them, as well as write paragraphs, essays, and longer stuff without problems. If you need to store medium to a large amount of information or explain things in-depth to yourself or others – a notebook is the way to go.

7. Envelopes & Folders

Envelopes or Folders

If you’re continually writing notes, working with documents, or sending invitations and cards, then envelopes and folders are a must-have set of items to have.

For example, you may use envelopes to send letters around in a business setting or company. But they also help with flyers, business cards, invitations, and sometimes even money. Some people even use them to deliver small stuff that doesn’t fit well in boxes or bags.

Similarly, folders help to store and bring documents around. Handling paperwork and other types of physical docs by hand can be pretty messy. So folders are the best way to keep them safe and clean. And what’s even better, they help identify stuff with tabs and so on. If you know a little how to printing on A7 envelope, as we’ve done on our another post.

8. Staplers, Pins & Clips

Clips & Staplers, Pins

When you need to stack several docs or sheets of paper together, you use a stapler, pins, or clips. A stapler will be the best idea if you need to keep them together for a long time. They secure several sheets from one angle and make sure they stay attached.

With a clip, you get the same kind of result, but without having to pierce sheets of paper. They just hold them together from a side or angle, sometimes firmly enough, so they don’t separate easily.

A pin like a push-pin or drawing pin can offer a similar experience. You can pin paper sheets and other objects around without damaging them much.

9. Tape & Glue

Glue & Tape

How can you stick pieces of paper together permanently? What if you need to repair a teared up sheet? And what about packaging or storing stuff securely?

For any of that, you will need something that holds things together well. And sure enough, there’s nothing better than a few drops of glue or a portion of plastic tape. You can bring a tape dispenser for easy use, and have a bottle of glue handy so you can use as much as you need.

10. Scissors & Utility Knife

Scissors & Utility Knife

Need to cut paper or similar material? Then a scissor or an X-acto are your best options. Sooner or later, you’ll have to cut something, probably paper. In that case, using the old trick of saliva and folding won’t do the job, especially if there’s someone else around.

Instead, you can use scissors for a precise and relaxed cut. Or even better, use an X-acto and enjoy even better accuracy – especially in long cuts.

11. Printer & USB Stick

USB Stick & Printer

If you want to take designs and images from the internet, then you obviously need a printer. A small one will do the job, especially if you’re not working on large art projects. You discover multiple printer reviews for office and home uses on our website.

At the same time, you may need to save the designs, images, or documents from a computer. In that case, you need a USB stick.

12. Computer & Calculator

Calculator & Computer

Last but not least, you also need a computer. Whether it is a business office or an art workshop at home, it is crucial to have a laptop or desktop around. From designing to writing stuff, researching, or just getting new ideas – you need one of these almost without fault.

Similarly, you may want something that helps to make calculations when needed. A scientific calculator will do the job if these calculations are complicated. Otherwise, a small calculator will do the job.


If you need to equip your office or art workshop, nothing compares to these items. Having them around will save you a lot of time and effort that no other tool will.

You can use this office stationery items list to be sure that you have a well-equipped office. So don’t hesitate and start looking for these items now. You’ll love having everything close when you need it.

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