Paper Crafting Tools: Top 15 Essentials Items Revealed

Paper Crafting Tools

Paper crafting has been a hobby for many people right from childhood. People make different kinds of crafts like scrapbooks, home-made cards, and lots more DIY projects at home. Presently, this has gone beyond a hobby as some people take it up as a profession.

For one to be able to make the best artistries, there are a variety of tools that he/she should have handy. This is for both people that do it as a hobby and for professionals.

If you are starting or just want to make better cards, then you will want to know the vital tools that you need. Here in this article, we have created a compilation of all the tools you will need for the best crafts.

Essential Paper Crafting Tools

Paper crafting is all about turning paper into a unique and creative piece of art. It is not a complicated process as even young children can get involved with little supervision.

Most of the tools that you will require are available at home while the others can be readily available at shops and bookstores. Below are the tools you will need.

1. Paper Cutter

Paper Cutter

This is also known as paper trimmer; it is one of the essential tools you will need when making crafts. They are used to cut paper, boards, mats and more. Using a paper trimmer provides a neat and professional cut.

There are two different types of cutters, they are;

  • The rotary cutter is the most common type of cutter amongst crafters. It is used for cutting the low volume of paper. This type of cutter has a small blade and a flat base with a measuring grid; thus, it is safe to use and offers a clean straight trim.
  • The Guillotine trimmer, on the other hand, is more effective in cutting a larger volume of paper. It can cut through a bundle of paper with no hassle. The cutter has a large handle with a sharp blade attached to it.

2. Cutting Mat


Since you will be making use of blades, you must protect the table and other surfaces from damages. The cutting mat is what is used for that protection.

It can be a self-healing mat in that it restores itself even when cutting into. Another type of mat is the non-stick silicone mat that is thinner than the self-healing mat. It is used to protect surfaces from glues and other forms of adhesives.

The size of the mat you get depends on the degree of work you do, and the type of cutter used regularly.

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3. Heat Glue Gun

This is another must-have in your collection. It is not just crucial for papercrafts alone, but can be used on fabrics and has a whole lot of uses. A hot glue gun is a type of glue that can only be dispensed with heat. The gun produces heat but with no flames.

When getting a glue gun, make sure you get one with adjustable heat control as different materials need different temperature. Its general use for paper crafts includes; shrinking images, removing vinyl and embossing.

4. Scoring Board

As a crafter, you are going to need to fold paper for one thing or the other. And having perfect folds is vital if you want a neat and professional-like finish. A scoring board is all you need to achieve that.

It is a plastic board that has markings in inches on it. The markings are typically on the top and sides of the board which allow you to make perfectly straight lines on a paper.

5. Advanced Tape Glider (ATG)

Advanced Tape Glider

In paper crafting, joining two or more pieces of paper is inevitable. There are different things you can use to get that, but the question is, can it be neat and prim?

Well, adhesive tape is one way to do that. To be more effective when using this, try using the ATG. All you need to do is just load the adhesive tape in it and apply it. Voila! You have your paper joined neatly.

6. Ruler

There are different types of rulers that have diverse uses in the craft. The two most important ones are the metal ruler and the see-through ruler.

They are used for several purposes, including drawing straight lines, cutting different shapes, creating varied forms and many more.

7. Envelop Punching Board


This tool is primarily used for making envelops and cards. It can be used to measure paper for crafts and also to create amazing and unique designs on the paper.

The Envelop Punching Board is a measuring tool that has clear markings for paper size, score line and card size on it.

8. Scissors

Everyone has scissors at home they use for cutting. Well, in crafts, its use cannot be overemphasized. It can be used to cut papers quickly and for cutting out shapes. There are also decorative scissors available used to make decorative edges.

To get the best, consider the weight before buying as heavy scissors can cause fatigue to the palm. Another thing is, make sure to draw lines on the paper before using the scissors to cut.

9. Distress Tool

Ever wondered how people can make rough as well as a smooth surface on their crafts. It is no rocket science; you only need a distress tool. It also features a notch on the side which can be used to cut the edge of a paper, thereby creating an elegant, delicate finish.

Additionally, it has a smooth end, a rough end, and a metal brush which serve as a distress tool.

10. Crop-A-Dile


This is a versatile tool that all crafters should have. Using this, you can perform a whole lot of functions like punching different-sized holes, fixing embellishments, etcetera.

11. Pick Me Up Tool

The pick me up tool is a small tool with a glued surface that can be used to pick up small materials like paper and other decorative pieces. After picking up the item, you remove it with the glue and then paste on the paper.

12. Bone Folder

Do you know how you use your hands to fold a piece of paper before cutting it? There is a tool that you can use to for that and get a remarkable result; and that’s the bone folder.

It is a multi-purpose tool used to burnish paper, hold paper while gluing and make scorelines. They are of two types; the traditional bone folder made from animal bone or plastic and the Teflon bone folder.

13. Craft Sheet

If you are stamping, painting or distressing, consider making use of a craft sheet. It will accumulate all the mess from these process thereby reducing your cleaning time. It also keeps your work-space more presentable.

14. Adhesive Cleaner

When crafting, making use of one form of adhesive or the other is inescapable, and it is human nature to make errors. For this reason, adhesive cleaners or erasers are essential.

This tool looks like a pencil eraser. It is also easy to use. All you need to do is swap the eraser back and forth on the glue repeatedly.

15. Stamping Tool

This tool can be used to create a design on paper. As the name implies, it is used to stamp the layout on your crafts.

To do that, you will need to place the design in this tool, use a different colour from that of the paper, and stamp. There you have it; the design is transferred.

Other tools that are used for paper crafting includes;

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Whatever your reason for doing a craft, be it for DIY or profession, the tools mentioned above are going to make the whole process worthwhile. They are what you will need in your everyday dealings.

These tools can be gotten from bookshops or craft stores near you. You should, however, note that these are the essential ones needed for general paper craft, if you are going into a specific field, you might need to get other tools suitable for that.

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